Quick Links


Where you can donate to #RunningWithScoliosis.  Funds raised will go to SAUK and the Scoliosis Campaign Fund.


Established in 1981 as the Scoliosis Self-Help Group, SAUK is currently the only national support group for children and adults with scoliosis in the UK.


The fundraising arm of Scoliosis Association UK


The only UK charity that exists solely to promote research into scoliosis


Not a scoliosis charity, but a charity run by a good friend of mine and doing great work in Zambia through the power of football.


BackStrong Adventures™ specialises in offering outdoor adventures so that anyone can realise their dream of achieving a personal goal while also creating long-lasting memories. Inquiries are encouraged from those who have experienced trauma, injuries, loss, depression, disability, disease and any other life-changing ailment. All trips are tailored to your specific requirements and you’ll experience an unforgettable adventure

The Scoliosis Times

An online scoliosis newspaper reported the latest scoliosis from around the world, as found online.  The paper is a great way of keeping up to date with scoliosis related information and is well worth signing up for.

Feel free to suggest other useful links, UK based or International.

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