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The thought of running with scoliosis… At this point in my life wouldn’t be at the top of my list. But the older and more sedentary I get, I realize that I need to get in better shape. “Meeting” Kevin on Twitter @ScoliosisRun https://runningwithscoliosis.wordpress.com has been an inspiration for me to think about getting out and moving again. I know, I said ‘thinking about’ but that’s a start in my opinion. You have to start somewhere and what better place to start than the mind?

So, how did I get here then? I grew up with Scoliosis. I wrote a book about it called Growing Up with Scoliosis, so it must be true. In the book, I documented my scoliosis journey from first diagnosis, brace wear, emotions, self-esteem issues, spinal fusion, recovery, including updates over the last two decades. (Yes, I’m much older than I look.)

That is the reason I felt compelled to write today, to let you know how I am doing. The answer to that is wonderful. My back is still doing great. I have been through two full-term pregnancies successfully and while I was on bedrest with both pregnancies, it wasn’t because of my back.

Most recently in the last month, I’ve been carrying my son around who has been in a cast from surgery on his foot and my back has felt fine. He was born with a chromosomal syndrome called #22q, which means he is missing part of his 22nd chromosome. This causes a lot of havoc in the body including delays in development, speech (he is just beginning to speak at the age of seven), growth, learning, and many other things including low muscle tone. This may cause scoliosis in the future for him. I’m VERY hypersensitive to this possibility and find it very curious as the cause of MY scoliosis was never known (idiopathic). 22q is in the back of my mind for a book I want to write, I just need to figure out the angle. Speaking of books, I’m almost done writing a book about Alzheimers. Just another life challenge I’ve had the pleasure to experience.

So Thanks Kevin @ScoliosisRun for the inspiration and hopefully I can inspire you and your followers to write your own story. I’ll be looking for them!

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-Michelle Spray

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