In their 2001 hit song ‘Sometimes’ Ash sang about ‘whole years lost in the blink of an eye’, well that’s kinda how I feel at the moment as I revisit the Running With Scoliosis website.  It hasn’t quite been whole years since my last update but 6 months is a heck of a long time... Continue Reading →

Fitbit Challenge

Ok, so I haven’t been as active on here of late as I would have liked, and likewise I haven’t been as active in general as I should have been; certainly in terms of taking part in 10k races, one of the reasons behind starting the site. To put that to rights I recently bought... Continue Reading →

Happy (Belated) Birthday to us!

We’ve been so busy with other things here at RWS Towers that we completely forgot to notice our first birthday!  On the 9th July 2015 I created this website and published our first post with the simple aim of helping to raise awareness of our condition – scoliosis. Running with Scoliosis is still very much... Continue Reading →

Grand Designs and Going Global

Yesterday I went for a run, my first in just less than three weeks and I absolutely knackered myself out; potentially leading to a mild case of exhaustion. I’ve had a cold virus for the last few weeks and just haven’t been able to shift it but after almost three weeks without any real exercise... Continue Reading →

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