Updating February through June

It’s been a while since my last post.  It always seems to be a while since my last post.  5 months have passed this time since my last update and quite a bit has happened since then, not least the fact that I got married in May to the wonderful Zsuzsi; a woman who has... Continue Reading →

Nutrition Challenge Completed!!!

So... four weeks ago I, and around twenty others from my CrossFit Box, embarked on a 28-day Nutrition Challenge with the goal of incorporating healthier eating habits into our daily routines.  We cut out refined sugars from our diets and made fruits, veg, and whole foods key staples of our daily meal planning. Yesterday our... Continue Reading →

Happy (Belated) Birthday to us!

We’ve been so busy with other things here at RWS Towers that we completely forgot to notice our first birthday!  On the 9th July 2015 I created this website and published our first post with the simple aim of helping to raise awareness of our condition – scoliosis. Running with Scoliosis is still very much... Continue Reading →

My Story: Updated

One of the reasons behind setting up this website was to encourage me to learn more about my own scoliosis.  I was diagnosed when I was about 14 and operated on at 15.  At that time I guess I was fearless, I didn’t think too much about the possible consequences of my surgery or the... Continue Reading →

Tom’s Story

Scoliosis: Bent But Not Broken Quite a few years ago now, I was diagnosed with Scoliosis; my world had crumbled around me. At the time of diagnosis, I was only at the start of secondary school. And in an environment where other children never understood diversity, I really found it hard to fit in. Scoliosis... Continue Reading →

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