Nutrition Challenge Completed!!!

So... four weeks ago I, and around twenty others from my CrossFit Box, embarked on a 28-day Nutrition Challenge with the goal of incorporating healthier eating habits into our daily routines.  We cut out refined sugars from our diets and made fruits, veg, and whole foods key staples of our daily meal planning. Yesterday our... Continue Reading →

Top 6 Reasons to Start Meal Prepping

Since starting my 28 Day Nutrition Challenge meal prepping has become a major part of my daily, and weekly, food routine.  Previously, I never really bothered about prepping my food in advance.  I'd wake up in the morning and decide what I was eating that day in the morning; usually something quick to make before... Continue Reading →

The 28 Day Nutrition Challenge

January.  It’s a hell of a month.  The Christmas festivities, partying, and overeating with friends and family seem like a distant memory as we all return to work and reality; and that early pre-Christmas pay cheque just doesn’t want to stretch to the end of the month. Aside from that, January is also a time... Continue Reading →

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