#ScolioStrong Web Shop

I’ll keep this one short and sweet, much like myself really!

I’ve opened a webshop on spreadshirt.com – https://shop.spreadshirt.com/runningwithscoliosis/ – with the express aim of raising money for scoliosis charities and research into the condition.

The shop will host original design and branded scoliosis merchandise promoting positivity and our strength.  At present there is a very limited design range in the shop, however, once I get my creative juices flowing, this will increase.

As the shop is currently hosted on Spreadshirt I will only receive around 20% of each sale, however, and here’s the hope, if you guys like the products all these small 20%’s will soon add up to a significant amount that can be put to good causes close to our hearts and help me fulfil one of the main mission statements of Running With Scoliosis.

Why Spreadshirt?

The site was recommended to me by a friend for its simplicity.  They print and post the products meaning that all I need to do is to come up with the original design and create the product; there’s no outlay on my behalf at this point so the risk is kept to a minimum.  However, should the shop take off I would be interested in other alternatives that would result in a bigger profit margin and, ultimately, more funds for charitable donations.

As I am not tied to Spreadshirt, if anyone has any other recommendations to use as an online shop I’d love to hear them.

Current Designs

At the moment we have four product designs in the shop:

#ScolioStrong Fist – because we are Scolio Strong and constantly winning our fight.






Scolio Strong – as above, established 2015 is a nod to the start of this website.







Blake, Bolt, Cobain – Recognising James Blake, Usain Bolt, and Kurt Cobain, three iconic males with scoliosis.






Coughlin, Gellar, Hunt – Celebrating Natalie Coughlin, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Martha Hunt, three iconic females living with scoliosis.

Feedback and Design For Us

Full Disclosure: I am a complete amateur at this design game and would, therefore, love some feedback on the designs to date, suggestions for future designs, and whether or not this is a viable fundraising option.

I’d also love to include designs from the wider scoliosis community and welcome any proposals; after all, this is not for my personal benefit so if you can do this better than me (and I’m sure you can) please share your ideas!

Thanks for reading now, go and check out the shop (and spend some pennies J).

Here’s the link again – https://shop.spreadshirt.com/runningwithscoliosis/

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