What Does This Have to do With Scoliosis? An Open Response

Shortly after posting my 28-Day Nutrition Challenge post on Reddit I received the following comment back from user TheNoFapSensei, “What does this have to do with scoliosis tho?”

Here is my open response to that question.

First of all, thank you for asking what is an extremely valid question as it made me realise I was not entirely clear about why I was taking part in the Challenge and what I was looking to achieve from it.

Allow me to take the next few lines to explain where I feel there is a real correlation between scoliosis management and nutrition.
To recap, I’ve always had a fairly healthy diet but one that on occasion has included too many fatty foods and alcohol – I’ll joke that that is part and parcel of being Scottish, but in reality, it’s just down to making poor choices.

Despite the severity of my scoliosis I enjoy leading an active life, making sure that sports and exercise are part of my regular weekly routine.

I’m also extremely lucky that weight management has rarely been a problem for me, I eat more when I want to put on weight and exercise more when I want to lose weight; there’s a little bit of following the simplified idea of calories in versus calories out at play here.

But what I’ve also noticed is that, while controlling my weight has rarely been an issue, having a lean, strong, and healthy body has been a struggle. The main reason, I was never strict over what I ate.

By taking on the Challenge, I was fascinated to see what benefits, if any, eating a healthier diet would have on my body.
Now, the benefits of eating a healthy diet are very obvious. You become healthier for starters, fat loss becomes easier (especially when coupled with exercise), energy levels increase, sleep quality improves, and mentally you become happier. What’s not to like?

Whilst being fully aware that eating better would not cure my scoliosis, I was curious as to whether any of these benefits would lead to any improvements with it.

Happily, I’m glad to say that it has.

Since taking on the challenge and eating healthier my sleep quality has improved, I feel less bloated and stiff, and therefore suppler and better prepared for my workouts. After an initial drop in energy levels, I now feel stronger and energised for longer. My back feels less sore during and after workouts, and overall recovery times have improved.

If I compare how I felt in the 28 days pre-Challenge to now, the difference is night and day.

I cannot prove beyond doubt that all of this was as a result of eating better, but I am damn sure there is a link between fuelling your body with healthy food and seeing positive returns on the other sides.

Even if your own scoliosis prevents you from leading as active a life as I, making small dietary and nutritional changes to your diet may provide you with some of the relief you desperately crave.

I am now a heck of a lot more conscious of the foods I am putting into my body because I have seen at first hand the personal benefits it can have. This has now stirred an interest in me to discover more about nutrition and its benefits with relations to scoliosis management.

My Nutrition Challenge did not end at day 28, it only just began.

I hope this answers the original question and that the link between nutrition and scoliosis can now be seen.

I am always willing to answer questions on this or any other scoliosis topic or provide encouragement to others through their own scolio journeys.

Stay #scoliostrong.

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