As mentioned in a previous post – Happy (Belated) Birthday to Us! – I recently took part in my first Obstacle Course Race (OCR) at Knockhill Race Circuit in Fife, Scotland – something I thought I’d never do.

I’d never really fancied OCR events before mainly as I knew a people who’d taken part in Tough Mudder’s and didn’t really get on with them; if this was a sport that they liked, then I wouldn’t.  Also, I had natural concerns about my back and whether or not I’d be able to get under or over the obstacles, or live down the shame of not managing to complete one.  I also thought that I’d more than likely drown in a puddle of mud under some worn out car tyre obstacle knowing my luck and be trampled on by the other competitors.

Fortunately, none of that happened.

I ended up taking part in the race quite by chance.  As part of my venture into funemployment I’d met up with a local OCR Events company, Brass Monkey Events, with the intention of doing a bit of work for them.  I was invited to come along to one of their events to see it in action and ended up being cajoled into taking part.  I’m so glad that I did as I had a great time running the race.

Just two OCR newbies feeling good at completing their first event
Just two OCR newbies feeling good at completing their first event

The atmosphere going round the course was friendly and fun, with fellow participants willing to lend a hand to anyone struggling with an obstacle; no man, woman, or child was left behind, although a few shoes were probably lost in some of the mud pits.

I successfully completed all obstacles despite my worries that I wouldn’t be able to bend enough or be flexible enough for some of them and left, covered in mud, with a real feel good factor and a smile on my face.

I'm. A. MacTuff Kid!!!
I’m. A. MacTuff Kid!!!

I should probably let on that the event I took part in was called ‘MacTuff Kids’ but catered for both adult and child entrants.  It was not taken as a serious event in that most participants were doing it for fun and not to set a personal best, and as an introduction to OCR it definitely worked.  I’ve got the bug for it now and look forward to another event soon, hopefully.

In the meantime I can always call myself a MacTuff Kid!