Ok, so I haven’t been as active on here of late as I would have liked, and likewise I haven’t been as active in general as I should have been; certainly in terms of taking part in 10k races, one of the reasons behind starting the site.

To put that to rights I recently bought myself a Fitbit Charge HR to monitor my step count and physical activity levels and to encourage me to get up of my ass a bit more; not always easy when I live behind a computer screen working or looking for work.

I’ve had it about two months now and for me I’d say it’s worked.  The daily step count challenge is to walk/run 10,000 steps per day, a daunting prospect at first but actually reasonably easy to achieve if you can integrate a good half hour walk into your daily routine.  The reminders to move if you’ve been inactive for an extended period are also a good reminder to get up and take a break from the screen.

The beauty of the Fitbit for me is that it encourages physical activity in the form of walking and does not require an intensive level of exercise to make a difference.  Instead, simply walking the required number of steps every day means that I’m doing my body some good and also gives me the satisfaction when I see my wristband light up to confirm the 10,000th step.

One word of warning is that brings out the competitive side in me.  On more than one occasion I’ve been seen running around the house or streets at 11pm just to make sure I hit the magic 10,000 steps.

As a means of encouraging physical activity I’d recommend the Fitbit, or any other step counter / activity tracker as a motivator to get active.

If anyone else has a Fitbit and would like to join me in a scolio challenge then get in touch and we can set that up and motivate each other to get movin’.

Cheers,  Kevin