We’ve been so busy with other things here at RWS Towers that we completely forgot to notice our first birthday!  On the 9th July 2015 I created this website and published our first post with the simple aim of helping to raise awareness of our condition – scoliosis.

Birthday Cake

Running with Scoliosis is still very much in its infancy and with all children there are some growing pains and teething issues still to overcome.  We are still very much finding our way in the world and yet to fully decide who we really are; I guess that makes the next year an interesting one.

I created the site in the first instance as a place for me to share my running exploits and show that us scoliosers can be as active as the next person; I’d only recently taken up running again for the umpteenth time and was full of youthful exuberance.  I quickly learnt a valuable lesson to walk before I could run as I found it difficult to maintain a consistent running programme and therefore have something to blog/boast about weekly.

A shattered me after my first 10k
A shattered me after my first 10k

So the site changed focus a bit and became more about being a place where people living with scoliosis could come and share their experiences – good and bad –, inspire others and maybe even make new friends.  I like this version of Running with Scoliosis.  It’s friendly, warm, and not all about me.  It’s about us Running with our Scoliosis and not giving a damn about it.

But as we grow into childhood we will no doubt change again.  The focus will remain on sharing ‘scolio stories’ and inspiring others, but there will be new features added to the site over time that I hope improve the user experience.  And I promise that I WILL make changes instead of just talking a big game and doing nothing.  I’ll still post about me and my experiences of living with scoliosis but I hope not be the main focus of the site; I’m passing that over to you.  The merchandise thing though, still on hold for now until I learn to properly use the design software and websites – I’m only one though so please give me time 😉

One thing we lack at RwS Towers is money so, for now, we will remain a .wordpress site (i.e. a free to build and run website).  This means that some of our longer term goals will have to remain longer term, but we’ve only just turned one and intend to be around for many years yet so hopefully one day we’ll be able to be all that we want to be.  Once we’ve gone through the terrible two’s and had our emo teenage years and finally worked out who we are.  Oh yes, we’ll do all that!!

For now though, we’re going back to eat some more (belated) birthday cake and have our tummy tickled before bed.

In the year (and one month) since our first post a lot has happened, and most of it, I’d like to think has been positive.

Here is a quick run through of some key stats of Running with Scoliosis Year 1…and a bit.

  • Eight of you lovely people have shared your Scolio Stories on the site – but we want more!
  • We have had 2,461 hits on the site from 1,344 visitors.
  • We have gone global with views from Europe, North and South America, Oceania, Asia, Middle East, and Africa.
  • @ScullDoesStuff gave us our first Vlog post
  • I got to meet Van Phillips, inventor of the running blade (that was pretty cool).
  • I ran three 10k races – but none yet this year (head hung in shame) – and one obstacle course race – blog post to come on that.
  • I’ve made some new friends, and hope that you have too.
  • I also like to think that one person has come on here and been inspired by the site and the stories in it.

So there you have it, Year One in a nutshell, I hope you stick with us to see how year two pans out.

Thanks for being part of the journey so far,