Yesterday I went for a run, my first in just less than three weeks and I absolutely knackered myself out; potentially leading to a mild case of exhaustion.

I’ve had a cold virus for the last few weeks and just haven’t been able to shift it but after almost three weeks without any real exercise I decided that enough was enough.  I needed to go for a run.  I’d set personal bests for distance in my last few runs so, completely neglecting the fact that I hadn’t run for three weeks and still had a cold, thought it would be a great idea to set out a near 12km route for this run.  Why oh why?

In hindsight this was more than just a bit daft and I really should’ve been happy to settle for a gentle 5km, but no no, I had to go for a mega 12km.

Quite early into the run I knew that I was going to struggle.  My legs were heavy, my breathing was hard, and I was fighting off stitch after stitch.  I told myself that the time I took didn’t matter, it was just about completing the course.  I tried to pace myself and slowed right down but after 8.8 km I was done for and had to stop running.  After a wee stretch I began walking the rest of the way home and listening to the voices in my head telling me that if I could manage to run another 1.2km then I’d hit the 10km mark.  I was knackered, legs feeling like lead so naturally I decided that running another 1.2km was a good idea.  And once that was done I just had to carry one for another 1km to get back to my starting point and complete the route.  In total I ran 11km in a slow and steady 1:13:19.  Time was never a concern on this run it was all about finishing the route and I’d made it; tired, sore, and exhausted but I’d made it.

Chilling out watching Peter Rabbit with my daughter after my exhausting run

I hadn’t really eaten much in the morning before my run and had nothing during it.  I was still suffering from the cold and I burnt off approximate 1,000 calories during the run.  By the time I got home I had nothing left to give and felt achy and flu like for the rest of the day.  I was completely shattered and felt like that for most of today as well.  However, I’ve learnt a valuable lesson to listen to my body and not to push it too far.  I’m going to lay off running for another few days and then when I do go back out I’ll stick to that nice gentle 5km I should’ve done yesterday.  We live, we learn.


Those of you who read my last post may remember my big idea of selling Running With Scoliosis merchandise.  Well, I’ve been thinking about it a lot since then and have decided that should I go ahead with this idea I’ll be using the Spreadshirt website; it has a large array of products from t-shirts and hoodies, to pin badges and bags, and anything in between.  The only two downsides I can see is that they take hefty chunk of the profits; however this in exchange for printing and posting the items on your behalf.  The other downside is that my design skills are not the best so we may be looking at basic designs or slogans on any merchandise.

So, here’s a CALL TO ARMS for anyone of a creative ilk.  If you like this idea, why not design a Running With Scoliosis t-shirt and send me the design to get it made into a t-shirt?

Furthermore, it’s all for a good cause as I’ll be donating profits to scoliosis charities.

I think this could be a great way to raise funds and awareness and help grow our little scoliosis community.  I’m looking forward to seeing your efforts!!!


Around the turn of the year I posted an update of the Running With Scoliosis website stats and was amazed by the reach it had had to that point; 1,019 views from 527 visitors in 30 countries and 4 continents.

So far in 2016 we have had 581 views from 340 visitors in 31 countries and 4 continents.  Even more exciting, for me at least, is we have had views from 14 new countries as diverse as Bangladesh, Macedonia, and the United Arab Emirates.  We just need to get South America on board and then world domination would be complete.

I also still fancy the idea of running a 10k overseas either this year or next and will welcome any suggestions you may have of places to run.

It’s over to you now to give me feedback on the scoliosis merchandise idea and designs, and also to suggest an overseas 10k for me.  Let’s work together on this and keep growing our little community.

Oh, and here’s a wee edit of something I forgot to put into the original – Thank You to everyone who has liked the Running With Scoliosis Facebook page in the last few days, especially Claire Cahill who I know has done a fair bit of promoting on my behalf.  Thank You.