It’s been awhile since last blog update, about two months to the day to be precise, so now seems like as good a time as any to get things back on track.

My last update was just before Christmas and I hope you all had a fantastic time over Christmas and New Year; I know I did.  I had my first overseas Christmas and New Year experience celebrating both events with my partner and her family in Hungary, where a great time was had by all.  Plenty of good food, good wine and beer, plenty of laughs, and even a couple of good (but short) runs; we even got some snow during our last couple of days to round of the visit.

All in all, Hungarian Christmas and New Year come highly recommended.


Returning home at the start towards the end of the first week in January we were greeted by traditional dreich and dreary Scottish weather; i.e. dark clouds, wind, and rain.  This also coincided with another bout of lazyitis – you may remember my fight with this horrible disease from a previous post. I’m truly beginning to believe that there is some truth behind Seasonal Affective Disorder as the grey dull weather and dark and cold nights that awaited us upon our return from a bright and blue Hungary did nothing to encourage me to re-engage properly in physical activity.  In fact, it had quite the opposite effect and led to pretty much a downing of tools and almost no physical activity.

Of course, however, my scoliosis is partly to blame for my lack of activity and motivation as the thought of my back seizing and stiffening up in the cold – no matter how much I warm up and wrap up – does nothing to inspire me.  The thought of staying in with a hot chocolate and a good movie always trumps back pain.

The result of this gloomy weather was the above gloomy outlook on exercise which had the knock on effect of putting the kybosh on my plans to run one 10km race each month this year.  We are now over half way February and I still haven’t signed up for one yet, however, the weather is beginning to turn for the better and so is my attitude towards getting back on the road and hitting the running again.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve found myself a running buddy and started to push myself to get out more.  My lunchtime running has been curtailed due to a busy period at work so I’m finding my running opportunities a bit more limited, but I’m doing my best to make the most of them whenever I get the chance now.

This new found effort has seen me break through the 10km barrier for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I’ve now pushed myself to run 10.5km, 11.2km, and 12km in my last few runs.  I’ve also enjoyed doing it and felt no ill effects afterwards, apart from being knackered – but I guess that’s normal.

I’m still not sure when my next race will be.  The afore mentioned 10km race per month is definitely a non-starter however I’m determined to keep going with the longer runs and to fit more in to the week, hopefully bringing my 10km time down in the process and maybe, just maybe, building towards a half marathon at some point.  But after the 10km a month debacle I’m learning not to promise anything that I might not deliver on.

Looking forward to the rest of the year, I have plans to make Running With Scoliosis something bigger than it already is.  I’d love to spend more time developing the site, investing in buying the domain name and web hosting, designing a logo for RWS, making the site look more professional and appealing, and even consider trying to get some kind of Running With Scoliosis merchandise on the go – if there was an interest – with proceeds being donated to scoliosis charities.  As always though, work and trying to have life will inevitably get in the way of some of these grand plans; but I wanted to share them with you because I believe (hope) that this website can help make a difference and be a positive place for us ‘Scoliosers’ to come to.  I also want your input because, as I’ve always said, this is your place as much as it is mine.

So, if you have any ideas on how to make Running With Scoliosis a better place just let me know.


  • 133 – ‘runners’ following this site
  • 450 – Number of site views this year, already over 1/3 of last year’s total.
  • 244 – Number of visitors to the site so far this year, almost half of last year’s total already.